Moriah Children’s Ministry 2015 has a common theme and identity for all our children who are called “Moriah Light Bearers“.

2015's Scripture theme verse is taken from Psalm 119:105 which reads “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”

Theme song is “Your Word is a Lamp” written by Steve Green that encourages our children to always read the Bible and rely on it fully as their infallible guide through life.

Junior Worship is conducted all year round (excluding Good Friday, Easter, Christmas Eve and WatchNight services) from 10.00am – 11.00am to give our children the opportunity to praise God and learn His Word in a setting that is better suited to their ages and learning styles. Junior Worship is divided into 4 main groups: Pre-Primary (Nursery & Kindergarten), Primary 1 & 2, Primary 3 & 4 as well as Primary 5 & 6. The children are given a solid Scriptural foundation based on teaching material from the Gospel Light curriculum. A total of about 50 children attend Jr Worship.

Junior Sunday School is held after the main Worship Service from 11.15am – 12.15pm (excluding 1st Lord’s Day of the month and June / Dec school holidays) to feed our children with solid Scriptural truths. The children are divided into three main groups: Pre-Primary (Discipleland curriculum), Primary 1 to 4 (On the Way curriculum) and Primary 5 & 6 (Young Teens Aflame curriculum). A total of about 30 children attend Sunday school.

Open Sunday events are held on a quarterly basis from the Torchlighters Series which introduce Christian heroes and heroines of faith through DVD cartoon presentations and various activities to all Primary 1 to 6 pupils. Corrie Ten Boom (1st March Torchlighter Series Launch 2015), William Booth (7th June Missions Awareness Month), John Wesley (25th October Reformation Month), Richard Wurmbrand (27th December Christmas Celebration) are the 4 heroes and heroines chosen for the year 2015.

In addition to the Open Sunday program, a special documentary for all ages in English featuring the chosen Torchlighter hero or heroine for the quarter is screened either on the same day or the week after at the Prayer Room after the main Worship Service.

Vacation Bible School will be held for our children and their unsaved friends from 3rd -5th December 2015 in Moriah B-P Church premises based on the “Flight School – Faithfully Living in God’s Holy Truth” Truthquest curriculum. In Flight School, our children will not only learn the basics of aviation and flight, but more importantly how to achieve higher standards of godliness as they are encouraged to fly higher with Jesus. To spur children on towards a life that is lived out every day for Christ, Flight School aims to shake children out of complacency and seeks to create a hunger in them to draw closer to God everyday. A special evangelistic “Parents Night” will be held on 5th December to present the Gospel to the invited parents through VBS drama skit and song presentations.

Children Ukulele Choir is helmed by Juventus Jeganathan with practices to be held on selected Sunday mornings from 09.15am – 10.00am. The choir will perform during English worship service on Mother’s Day (10th May), Father’s Day (21st June) and Teacher’s Day (6th September). Besides, the ukulele performances, the children will also present songs on 18th October to promote Vacation Bible School. Children will be selected on a rotational basis to recite meaningful poems or say a short introduction before each presentation.

A Children Ministry outing will be organised on 21st March for all children, teachers, musicians and songleaders to promote bonding and learning.

Teacher’s Meeting is held on a quarterly basis to distribute curriculum materials, as well as to disseminate relevant information and gather feedback from all Junior Worship and Sunday School teachers.

The daily Bible Devotional reading guide Daily Manna (Jr) from Calvary Bible-Presbyterian Church is distributed to all our children on a quarterly basis and offers sound biblical instruction with relevant activities to reinforce learning.

Children’s Day Celebration will be held on 25th October in conjunction with our Reformation Open Sunday program with a buffet feast in the courtyard.