Christ came to save sinners like us through His death on the cross and satisfaction of God’s justice; this is the Gospel. Hence, the Moriah Local Outreach Ministry, or Evangelism Team, aims to share this great news with as many people as possible, “That Others May Live”, which is our Ministry’s tagline, reminding us that we are not to be comfortable, but to be comforters, also to serve the Lord and serve others.

Our Mission & Strategy:

  1. To share the gospel with our neighbours in Simei through our Neighbourhood Outreach programme.
  2. Deliver meaningful programmes to raise awareness and equip Morians for evangelism.
  3. Equip evangelism team members with the necessary tools to be effective soul winners.
  4. To care for each member of the evangelism team so that we may grow and succeed as soul winners.

The Evangelism Team was born more than 10 years ago, led by Elder Gilbert and Brother Teck Meng, who wanted our Simei neighbours to know more about our church, and more importantly, about the Gospel. Our focus today remains the same - we continue to visit our neighbours twice a month, sharing the Gospel and getting to know them better. On other weeks, we gather together for workshops and discussions to improve our evangelism skills. Through these efforts and activities, and together as a team, we learn not only to just care for our neighbours but also for each other. We strive to grow and strengthen our zeal in reaching out to each lost sheep for Christ the Lord, as a team, with the Word of God as the lamp to our feet and the light for our path (Psalms 119:105).