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Welcome to the Know More pages about Moriah BPC’s mission stations and missionaries.

Here we provide a bit more information to help you understand and pray for, give to or support the outreach efforts by our partners. Thank you for being part of Missio Dei today!

Please keep this information confidential and do not re-use the information without the prior consent of the church.

Know More (Myanmar):

  • Rev. Thawng, served as the Senior Pastor in Insein Bible-Presbyterian Church since 1998. He started a presbytery including 4 sister churches, one led by Ai Kham Ko, another led by James’ (Rev Thawng’s son-in-law) and the remaining mission churches led by internal missionaries in Myanmar.

  • Currently, Insein BPC has 80-120 worshippers on Sunday and 15 in the children’s ministry. Rev Thawng also founded a theological school, Biblical Institute of Theology (BIT) in June 2012 where he serves as the dean. Currently the school has about 40-50 active students. He has four children, his eldest son, James Lian Salai, is currently enrolled at Emmanuel Reformed Bible College in Singapore.

  • Rev. Heli is Rev. Thawng’s brother and serves as a pastor in Insein BPC and is a lecturer at BIT. He graduated from a local bible college in Myanmar. Rev. Heli’s daughter, Aphi Len Mawi, is also enrolled at ERBC with her cousin, James.

  • Rev. Ai Kam Ko serves in one of the presbytery churches founded by Rev Thawng and ministers to one of the churches nearer to the outskirts. He and his wife have one son of primary school age.

  • Our faithful servant Elder Patrick Lim (from Sembawang BPC) is actively in contact with and serving alongside our Burmese pastors for the mission ground in Myanmar.

Know More (Cambodia):

  • Pastor (Paul) Sun Sokha is based in Phnom Penh and graduated from FEBC, Singapore with a Bachelor of Divinity, and a Master of Theology in Phnom Penh. He served in Battambang for 8 years and Phnom Penh for 12 years as a pastor. He and his wife, Nam Soon, have led Faith Krang Angkrang Church since 2015 after taking over from a Korean missionary. The church also serves as a student dormitory for local students. Pastor Sokha also frequently lectures at the Phnom Penh Bible School. He has a daughter and a son. 

  • Pastor Phin Sokhun is based in Kampong Thom north of Phnom Penh and he focuses on active outreach to villages. He and his wife, Chovvy, have been serving for over 11 years in Sombor Promise Land Church with a congregation of about 100, with 35% adults, 50% youth and 15% younger children. ⅔ of the congregation are female. Pastor Sokhun also runs a dormitory, which was seed-funded by Moriah with US$20,000 in 2016. The Sombor Dormitory houses up to 30 students from the nearby vocational school which was  funded by the Thai princess. Residents are required to attend Sunday worship and serve in the church, including senior students being sent to teach Sunday School to village kids. Pastor Sokhon also has a daughter and a son. 

  • Pastor Timothy Rithy restarted Smachdeng Church in Kampong Som in 2009 at the bequest of Rev. Moses Hahn, his mentor. Ps Rithy and his wife run a licensed kindergarten in the church. Presently, they have 2 classes with 2 teachers catering to 30 students. The church has about 50 members with worship on Sundays, bible studies, home visitation and outreach, junior worship and Sunday School education. Ps Rithy has 2 children: Lydia, 12, and Jonathan, 9.

  • All three pastors were trained and mentored by Rev Moses Hahn for a number of years at Kompong Som Bible School.

  • Our faithful servant Deacon Kenny Khoo is actively in contact, teaching and serving alongside our Cambodian pastors for the mission ground in Cambodia.

Know More (Thailand):

  • Rev Yan is pastor of Shiloh Mae Chan BP Church in Mae Chan, Chiang Rai, and with a congregation of about 150; mainly serving the Karen and Akha tribes. 

  • Pre-Covid, Rev. Yan would conduct a gospel rally at the Gospel Village during Christmas (20 mins from his church) where 400-500 pax of local Thai, Karen, Akha and Lahu folks would attend.

  • $4000-5000 SGD is required to run this event; which includes an evangelistic message, performances from the various indigenous people; and buffet lunch (Usually sponsored by prayer warriors from Elder Gary's network and Pilgrim Partners HCG)

  • Rev Yan is also the dean of North Thailand Gospel Institute. The lecturers are from China as well as sourced locally. Pre-Covid, the school has an average of 30 Burmese students from across the border.

  • Rev Jakawan is the pastor of Shiloh Mae Sai Church, also in Chiang Rai, and he serves the Lahu tribal group. Congregation size is about 30. His wife supports the primarily Lahu-language ministries.

  • Elder Gary is our faithful servant who is actively in contact with and serving alongside our Thai pastors for the mission ground in Myanmar.


Know More (JingJiang (靖江), PRC):

  • Rev. Shi first came to Singapore in 2000 as a construction labourer.  He was baptized through Rev. Chai at Moriah Mandarin in June 2001. He went back to China in October 2003 after 2 years of night classes at the Chin Lien Bible Seminary in Singapore. He received two years of further systematic theology training at Shandong Zhendao Theological Seminary.

  • Rev Shi received his ordination by Elder Gary, Rev Joseph Liu, Pastor Chai and Reverend Yang (a Chinese pastor) on May 17, 2015.

  • Rev Shi’s wife, Shi Xiuping, and daughter Shi Xiaoxia are active in church ministries and his 2 granddaughters attend the Sunday School.

  • Preacher Gordon Li Guowei, 27 year old, hails from Shandong and has served with Rev Shi in Jing Jiang since 2016.

  • Rev. Shi started his ministry in Jingjiang  with just 7-8 members and also did an outreach for the shipyards. Today, Grace Bible-Presbyterian Church has a congregation of about 80, and they currently occupy the top 3 levels of a 5-storey commercial building. However, this building has  no lifts, which provides a challenge for the elderly.

  • Since 2008, Rev. Shi has reached out to the  3 shipyards, who have since formed their own congregations in worship at their housing location; they number about 120 in total.

  • Rev. Chai from Moriah Mandarin has faithfully and actively served alongside Rev Shi, including being part of the ordination council, and baptizing members in Rev Shi’s church.


Know More (Tanjong Uban, Bintan, Indonesia):

  • Rev. Joseph Liu is the Senior Pastor of Geprin Sion in Tanjong Pinang, Bintan, serving mostly the Chinese Indonesian community. 

  • In 2016, Moriah BP and Geprin Sion cooperated to start a new church at Tanjung Uban in Bintan: Gereja Presbyterian di Indonesia (GEPRIN) in Tanjung Uban.

  • The Tanjong Uban church started as a home church and today, it has about 40-50 prominently Mandarin-speaking members with a local Indonesian pastor assigned by Rev Liu.

  • In September 2022, Rev Liu celebrated 50 years of ministry service in Tanjong Pinang. 

  • For the Tanjong Uban ministry, there is a joint program coordinated by Rev Robert and Rev Liu  to reach out to the social media-friendly younger generation in the surrounding villages 

  • Ps Robert has been faithfully partnering with Rev Liu for this ministry in Tanjong Uban.


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