Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. (1 Th 5:16–18)


The prayer ministry of Moriah is rightly termed, Central Prayer Meeting. Praying as a church is central to Moriah’s beliefs and it portrays our complete trust and dependence on God.

Every Sunday morning at 8:45am, Christians gather to give thanks, praise and also to bring their requests before God. Our meeting begins with a short exhortation from God’s Word followed by collective prayer. We always count it a blessing to lift our frail and weak brethren and ministerial needs in prayer. Prayer meetings bring comfort to discouraged people and fill our hearts and minds with the peace of God. We also break up into small groups where burdened believers pour out their hearts to God about their personal problems. They feel the strong arms of loving support from their group. Even some of the most reserved members have the freedom to pray in a small group.

E.M. Bounds, who wrote extensively on prayer, said these words – very simple but very true: “Much prayer, much blessing; little prayer, little blessing; no prayer, no blessing”. Is it not great and comforting to know that our Church is a praying church? We have no fanfare, great achievements or programmes but one thing we have, and do, is to pray and commit all things to God.

This ministry is an indispensable part of the weekly programme. The future of Moriah depends on our bended knees and lifted hands. Brethren, let us make it a point to join the Central Prayer Meeting.

Christian Counsel

The Pastoral Team is always open to making pastoral visits on weekdays from 8.00pm onwards to the homes of members and friends of Moriah B-P Church. For more details, please contact our Pastors, Elders, or the church office.