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A Reflection of 2019 Pulpit Theme

Dn. Gideon Loh

30 December 2019

Welcome to the last Sunday of 2019.

Act in Faith on the Promises of God was our rallying call for all the redeemed people of God this year.

We preached through the book of Joshua to trace the continuation of God’s covenantal promises to Abraham, starting at the historical pivot when Israel transited from wilderness-wandering to promised-land-claiming. From the encampment on the eastern banks of Jordan Rivers, to the victories of miraculous proportions, an event marked by death and sin within Israel’s camp and the eventual settlement, God’s unfailing promises was seen against the backdrop of man’s weaknesses and failures. Truly, no amount of human failures, sins, devices can ever stop God from keeping His promises.

We also preached through the book of Ruth and we have seen how a famine, deaths, culture and even a self-preserving kinsman-redeemer threatened to thwart God’s plan. Against all odds, we were introduced to Ruth, a Moabitess who renounced her gods so as to follow Yahweh wholeheartedly and Boaz, the next-in-line kinsman-redeemer who displayed such godly wisdom, obedience and faith in a time when “everyone did what seems right in their eyes”. The story of Ruth ended with the fulfilment of God’s plan to bring about the ultimate Kinsman-Redeemer.

The point is, God’s fidelity to His word, His covenantal promises to Israel and us, finds its complete fulfilment in Jesus (2 Cor 1:20). Christ is the ultimate Conqueror, Servant and Kinsman-Redeemer.

Acting in faith must be done on the foundation of God’s faithfulness.

We can act in faith because God has promised and He will deliver.

Knowing this produces the strength to step out of our comfort zones, courage to live differently from the world and a godly confidence and joyful reliance on the leading of God’s Spirit.

In short, our lives will be changed as we act in faith, trusting God.

The word of God’s faithfulness sowed in our hearts must bring life-transforming love for Christ.

In what ways have you seen a transformation in your heart in these areas this year?

And how would this change the way you live for Christ in 2020?

Loving – were you more able to love those who do not love you back?

Impacting – was your heart more sensitive to the people who are in need?

Discipling – were you more intentional in making faithful and passionate disciples for our Savior Jesus?

Delighting – were there more occasions of joy and delight and full satisfaction in Jesus?

Studying and Praying – were you more mastered by the Word? Were you driven to your knees for praise and petitions more frequently?

May King Jesus always be the source and goal of all your endeavours starting now, into 2020 and beyond. Here’s wishing you and your family A Blessed New Year!

Dn. Gideon Loh

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