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Sunday Bible Class


The Book of Daniel consists of both historical and prophetic sections, and both present a strong case for the absolute sovereignty of God.


It paints a picture of how to serve God faithfully in the midst of a world torn in conflict/discomfort/injustice and how to persevere in hope even if there seems no hope.


As such, in 2022, we embark on the theme of God’s sovereignty over history, empires & kings, and the pattern we have seen through our studies is that human kings and empires become beasts when they glorify their own power; but the One true King will return to confront the Beast.


It is a message of hope that motivates faithfulness, so join us for Sunday Bible Classes: God of Daniel, Lord of History every Sunday, after our worship service. Email Rev Daniel Gan at for more information.


Our bi-annual combined SBC sharing sessions.


Our weekday ladies' class with their leader Pastoral Associate Grace.  

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