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Sunday Bible Class


How does a small crew of disciples back in Jesus' time grew to be over 2.2 billion believers in 2023?  

What happen that caused that explosion of faith despite persecution and suffering?

If you want to find out more, join us as we embark on the Book of Acts. 

The theme is on the Holy Spirit, and the vision is for the church to be empowered in living transformed lives even as we seek to transform the world through our workplaces, schools, and family.

Through the spiritual discipline of mediating on His Word via SBC, we hope that our church will go deeper in their journey with Jesus and this will flavor their conduct, speech and thoughts in every area of their lives. 

Join us for Sunday Bible Classes: Acts - The Work of the Holy Spirit every Sunday, after our worship service, 11am. We have different classes for different ages, and across different platforms. Physical, Zoom or Hybrid.


Do email Rev Daniel Gan at for more information.


Our bi-annual combined SBC sharing sessions.

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