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Family Life Ministry

We believe strong families build the church. It starts with strong marriages and the building of God-centred families. Hence, the two key pillars in the Family Life Ministry are Marriage and Parenting.


The Moriah Family Life Ministry seeks to create self-awareness, equip, support and journey with families in Moriah, so as to encourage and exhort all families towards a family life that reflects our covenant-keeping God. 


Since it started in 2018, the ministry has conducted marriage workshops such as the “Four Phases of Good Marriage”, a couples’ small group study “Building Up Your Spouse”, Parenting seminars on “Ten Common Mistakes of Parenting”, a Parenting Movie event ‘Like Arrows” and a group study on the “Art of Parenting” – an eight-part series to help parents draw their children’s hearts towards God.

This year, we have just completed the Ebenezer series – a four-part workshop to equip everyone with biblically-based life skills to journey alongside and help someone in the broader family of God to meet life’s challenges.

We have joined hands together with other ministries / committees such as WOW and the Church Building Fund to organise family-related events.

Come join us and be part of these journeys together or contact us (Ps Daniel, Sis Grace, Paul, Linda, Edward, Eileen, Evelyn or Eld Max), if you want to find out more!

Renewal Wedding Vows at Marriage Worshop
Parenting Talk
Ebenezar Workshop Picture 1
Ebenezar Worshop Picture 2
Ebenezar Worshop Picture 3
Ebenezar Workshop Picture 4
“Worrier to Warrior – Managing Anxiety for Growth” Workshop
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