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Pulpit Ministry

We begin the year 2022 with 2nd Corinthians, an epistle that challenges us to see life through the paradox of the cross.

We received power to live transformed life by the Spirit, and are equipped by the power of the Spirit  to take Jesus’ cruciform life and to claim it for our own. Yet, there is an ongoing struggle to continually do so within the society and culture. Through the teachings of the Apostle Paul in 2nd Corinthians, we hope to learn how to manoeuvre through this cultural landscape in holiness.

After 2nd Corinthians, we will embark on the Book of Revelations in Aug. Given the current context of COVID-19, financial, economical and even family and church instability, we need to realise that all these are part of the Christian life.

Yet, God is sovereign and Christ is King. COVID-19 may seem to destroy the church, and Satan appears to win, but God will preserve HIS PEOPLE. Let us through this aprocrytic book see that nothing will stop God in bringing the Bride to the Bridegroom at the wedding feast of the Lamb.

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Our guest speaker from Zion Bishan BPC, Mr. Ng Zhi Wen

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