Weary, but filled with hope…

“In the day I cannot sleep, my eyes cannot close like you all. Only at night I can rest” were the words of Ps. Rithy as we asked about his burden to his family on the last day of mission trip. As the 25-seater bus made its way to Phnom Penh International Airport, we touched on many topics, but the dearest of which was his family. “I have no time for my children” were one of the phrases he repeatedly lamented to me.

Despite the rising costs of living, run-down church and living compounds, Ps. Rithy has his children at the top of his priority. He also frequently encouraged us despite the many challenges he faced, telling us that he will commit his family and ministry to God, and that he will continue to strive on in faith.

Written by Goh Zhu Le

Mural Painting at Ps. Rithy’s Church Compound

Mural Painting at Ps. Rithy’s Church Compound

Contentment in Him

A place that has so little, yet so much. This is how I would describe Pastor Sokhon’s church in Kampong Thom, which though lacking in material things that we Singaporeans take for granted; the joy the Cambodians share in praising God’s name far surpasses  us. During worship, the youths sing like it’s what they’ve looked forward to all day, unfazed by the fact that 30 of them have to squeeze into a small six-room dormitory.

Those in the village live in houses of zinc and wood, some of which are leaking, yet they still joined us in singing of God’s goodness. What love and faith in God they have that allows them to be contented with what little they possess!

Written by Hannah Lim


If YOU have been able to empathise with the struggles of our mission stations and are touched by God to do more, I urge you to take action NOW. Let us rally together as one body to help our partners in Christ tide through these tough times.

How you can help


  1. For God to give Ps. Nehemiah a clear vision and conviction on the direction and location of his ministry as he leaves Sihanoukville in end June.

  2. Pray for God’s hand to work within Kampong Som, for the Chinese to realise their economic damage on the Cambodians and to put a stop to their selfish ambitions.


  1. Approach Dn. Kenny Khoo for a gauge of funds needed for specific uses.

  2. Join us for our mission committee meetings, mission trip 2020 to be in touch with the needs on the ground.

  3. Continue to give generously to Moriah’s Mission Fund.