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Act in Faith, Knowing that God will Provide

Dn. Gideon Loh

28 November 2019

Yes! We will be holding our annual Children Vacation Bible School (VBS) this coming Friday and Saturday! 29-30 Nov 2019. The theme this year is TrueRassic Park and the children will be undergoing a 2-day program to learn about the creation story in Genesis and how that relates to the gospel of Jesus. Children can expect a RoaRRRRing good time filled with puppet shows, bible stories, crafts and games!

After much thoughts and prayers, the Children Ministry Leaders acted in faith on the promises of God to organize this VBS. Against all tides of cost and considerations, God’s purposes have once again prevailed.

God provided the children

We thank God for 51 children who are attending this year’s VBS. Let's pray that they will have fun learning about the biblical account of creation and may that build a strong foundation from which the gospel can be presented to each of them.

Besides children from Moriah, this year we are excited to host a total of 11 campers who come from Moriah childcare/alumni/friends. We are praying for the Lord to specially work on the hearts of 17 known pre-believing children in this VBS.

God provided the resources

Many in this team received the late invitation to partner the Children Ministry to run this VBS, yet many responded positively. Some were concerned with the quality of the program we can produce at such short notice, others were apprehensive about taking up new roles, yet others remained unsure about how their participation would matter. Yet through it all, they all came forward with a humble resolve to offer their best to our Savior Jesus. Jesus’s love for the children in Matt 19:14 and the nameless boy with the 5 loaves and 2 fish in John 6 are two key scriptural accounts that this team holds closely to heart as we serve Christ through this VBS.

Acting in faith on the promises of God requires the Children Ministry, and the church, to look beyond human wisdom, personal comfort, prized convenience and to fix their eyes on Jesus. The unchanging Jesus who keeps all His promises, always provides and is perfect in all His ways. Acting in faith on the promises of God ultimately is a call for each follower of Christ to trust and obey.

Dn. Gideon Loh

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