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Are you a Camper?

Mr. Daniel Gan

16 December 2019

“What is your most memorable experience at the Youth Camp? Do you remember?” For many of you, I’m sure you have many great memories of the youth camps you have attended. They have been transformative for you, and have shaped the way you think, the way you act.

Was it the messages? For some of you, no doubt you have been deeply impacted by the Word preached by the speaker. But for others, perhaps you have been deeper impacted by the Word seen in the actions and behavior of campers around you. Youths in camp tend to be a bit more relaxed, more expressive of themselves than in school where there is a pressure to perform and to impress. In camp, they have the opportunity to form lasting relationships, relationships that carry past the duration of the camp itself.

This year, our Youth Camp - “The Army of God” provides such a platform for relationship-building. But the opportunity for relationship-building isn’t just between campers but also with the YAFers (Young Adults) who are stepping in to co-run the camp. By observing and modelling their older gors gors and jies jies (brothers and sisters), the youths may find a friend and mentor in them, who might be able to engage in deeper spiritual conversations that youths would hesitate with parents or church leaders.

Relationship-building cannot be for the sake of relationships alone, but relationship is the runway where truth descends. It is only when we have established a deep relationship of mutual respect, trust and honesty that we can speak God’s truth into each other’s lives with weight.

Youths, if you have yet to join in the YF Camp this year, may I strongly urge you to step out of your comfort zone, sign up and take the risk of forming new relationships in this camp?

Parents, would you partner us in encouraging your children to come for the Youth Camp, so that they might be able to form strong bonds and friendships with others within the church?

Young adults, I thank you for your love and your willingness to befriend the youths, may you walk ever closer to our Lord Jesus Christ, knowing they are looking closely at you.

May God bless you all!

Mr. Daniel Gan

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