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Revelation, Sunday Service

God has not forsaken us

God has not forsaken us

Revelation 7

Dn. Kenny Khoo

19 Feb 2023

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God's Faithfulness Empowers Believers Through Tribulations
Div I. 144,000 Sealed, v. 1-8
Principle: God Protects His People from His Wrath

1. How does this assurance change your outlook and lifestyle?
2. Do you have God's seal that marks you for His protection? If not, what or who stopyou from receiving it?

Div II. Martyrs Robed, v. 9-17
P: God Empowers His People Through Tribulations

1. What issue have you been avoiding to avert the persecution of man, or the tribulation of life?
2. How does knowing that God is Sovereign and Worthy of your praise empower you through your life tribulations?

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