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Sunday Service

God is our Ultimate Audience

God is our Ultimate Audience

Matthew 6:2-15;16-18

Mr. Gn Chiang Tat

28 May 2023

00:00 / 39:30

Sermon Questions for Reflection

1. Jesus mentioned 3 Practices of Righteousness (Matthew 6:2) - praying, giving and
fasting. Which of these 3 disciplines do you practice consciously and regularly? Which
of these 3 disciplines do you often neglect?

2. Jesus mentioned hypocrisy in His teaching. What is hypocrisy? Jesus obviously
detested hypocrisy in our relationship with God, our Father – “do not announce it with
trumpets as the hypocrites (6:2), when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites (6:4)
When you fast, do not look somber as the hypocrites do (6:16)” What could have caused Jesus to speak strongly against hypocrisy?

3. Are we God-conscious or Man-conscious in the acts of giving, praying and fasting?”
To the best of your knowledge, how can you intentionally practice righteousness
exclusively for the approval of our heavenly father?

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