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John, Sunday Service

In the storms of life

In the storms of life

John 6:16-21

Pastor Daniel Gan

14 Jan 2024

00:00 / 39:21

Outline & Reflections

A storm will be a problem when you don’t get any warning, when you are unprepared, when it’s beyond your control and comprehension. As Christians, how do we go through storms in our lives?

In the passage, Jesus’ disciples were only terrified until Jesus shows up. He said to them, “It is I...” Jesus is above and beyond us.

There’s this part in our souls that longs and needs the presence of God, but there’s also this part in our souls where we want to be Lords of our lives!

Jesus didn’t just say, “It is I. I Am.” But He also said, “Don’t be afraid.” Jesus Christ is not just our Lord. He’s also our Savior.

1. Let us commit to building our lives on the foundation of Jesus Christ. And in the storms of life, to turn to Him, our Lord and our Savior.
2. Let’s identify any life rafts of idols in our lives and surrender them to Jesus.

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