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John, Sunday Service

Jesus Raises Lazarus

Jesus Raises Lazarus

John 11:1-45

Dn. Kenny Khoo

9 Jun 2024

00:00 / 32:38

Sermon Outline

Jesus Resurrects Lazarus | John 11:1-45 | Dn. Kenny Khoo
Big Idea: Jesus's authority over death calls believers to joyful submission.

Div. I. Jesus Tarried, John 11:1-16
P: Believers' faith grow by submitting to His timing and will.
1. How is God growing your faith as He answers your prayers in His time?
2. What in your life will you submit to God's will and timing?

Div. II. Jesus Revealed, John 11:17-27
P: Believers' faith mature through the Spirit's revelation.
1. How has God worked in your life to mature your faith?
2. What fears will you bury in the confidence of Jesus' resurrection?

Div. III. Jesus Raised, John 11:28-44
P: Believers live for eternity in the assurance of the resurrection.
1. How does the reality of Jesus' authority change your life outlook?
2. What earthly pursuits will you relegate in favour of eternity's pursuit?

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