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Sunday Service, Revelation

Jesus the Son of God

Jesus the Son of God

Revelation 1: 9-20

Elder Max Tsang

4 Sept 2022

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1. John speaks about tribulation (v1). Is this referring to the future tribulation of the end times or current sufferings that Christians may be going through? How could we confront these sufferings based on the text?

2. The Son of Man is obviously Jesus. Consider the description of Jesus given by John in v13-19. How is it significant to you? What posture did John take? What should our posture be before Jesus?

3. In v20, the seven lampstands are churches. What is the significance to you that Jesus was standing in the “midst of these seven churches” in the vision given to John? Are these referring to just 7 physical churches in what we know is Turkey today? People make up a church - what is your place and role in a church?

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