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National Day, Sunday Service

We the Christian Citizens of Singapore

We the Christian Citizens of Singapore

Romans 13:1-10

Rev Benjamin Tsao

6 Aug 2023

00:00 / 38:15

Sermon Questions for Reflection

"We The Christian Citizens Of Singapore" (Romans 13:1-10) Rev. Benjamin Tsao
1. Let us submit (i.e. to cooperate, be loyal, to obey) to our government! (vv 1-7)
a) Why and how should we submit? (vv 1-7)
i. God is the authority who appointed our governments – they are God’s ministers
(vv 1, vs 4-5)
ii. God places our government to regulate society – let us keep the local laws (vv 3-4)
iii. It is fair to pay our taxes and honor our government (vv 6-7)
* because they are God’s ministers who work hard
* taxes are needed by the government to run a country
iv. Whoever disobeys the government disobeys God – there is “damnation for
resisting (vs 2)

b) Is our submission absolute? – No, we ultimately submit to God (vv 4-5, 7)
i. Hint #1 - “tribute to whom tribute is due;” - our allegiance to God must always
always transcend our allegiance to the government (vv 7, Matt 22:21, Dan 6, Acts 5:29)
ii. Hint #2 - we submit with our consciences - that means we must always seek to
honor God (vs 5)

2. Let us be loving citizens (vv 8-10)
a. Owe no man anything – pay what you owe (vs 8)
b. Owe love
i) to love your neighbor as yourself (vs 9)
ii) love fulfils the law of God (vs 10)

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