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Sunday Service

Living and leaving a legacy

Living and leaving a legacy

Psalm 90:1-12

Eld. Max Tsang

28 Apr 2024

00:00 / 29:11

Sermon Outline

This sermon titled "Living & Leaving a Legacy" explores the concept of legacy and its significance in the lives of Christians. Beginning by discussing the misconceptions surrounding legacy, such as the belief that it is solely about wealth accumulation or achieving worldly success and fame, it emphasizes that a true legacy is about living a life that reflects God's character and values, marked by obedience, love, and service. Subsequently, the sermon provides practical applications for building a lasting legacy., including deepening one's relationship with God, cultivating good character and values, serving others, and passing down a spiritual heritage. It concludes by encouraging listeners to prioritize what truly has lasting value and to live a life that honors God.

Questions for reflection:
1) What is “Legacy” to you?
a. What is it?
b. What is it not?
c. How important is it to you?

2) In the light of Psalm 90:1-12, has your understanding of “Legacy” changed?

3) What actions would you now take to live and leave a legacy? Pray about it.

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