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John, Sunday Service

Water to Wine

Water to Wine

John 2:1-11

Pastor Daniel Gan

27 Aug 2023

00:00 / 37:17

Pointers and Reflection Questions

Water to Wine ( John 2:1-11) - Ps Daniel Gan
Big Idea: Jesus calls us to abide in Him for He is the Ultimate bridegroom, the true source of lasting joy, purpose and fulfilment.

Div 1: The Meaning of "No Wine" (v.1-3)
Have you ever experience when the "wine" of joy seems to run out in your life? What happened and how did you respond?

Div 2: The Meaning of Jesus' Reply to Mary (v.4-8)
What do you think Jesus meant when He referred to His "hour"? How does this perspective shared by Ps Daniel change your understanding of how He responded to Mary?

Div 3: The Meaning of Jesus' Wine (v.9-11)
Consider the concept of the joy Jesus gives compared to the fleeting joys of this world. Have you yourself experienced the difference between these two?

How can you turn to Jesus, the true Bridegroom to restore joy in your life, whether life is good or bad?

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