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Sunday Service, John

Jesus' Irrefutable Authority

Jesus' Irrefutable Authority

John 5:19-47

Dn. Kenny Khoo

19 Nov 2023

00:00 / 38:41

Sermon Outline and Reflection Questions

Big Idea: Jesus' Irrefutable Authority calls for belief and joyful submission.
I. Jesus' Authority, 1-30
P1: Jesus' Authority calls us to joyful submission
- What are some ways/areas you are resisting Jesus' rightful authority over your life?
- List two areas of your life that you will surrender to Jesus this year.

II. Jesus' Witnesses, 31-47
P2: Jesus' Authority calls us to bear His witness.
- How and where will you seek to bear witness for Him?
- Who will you share Christ to during this season?

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