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John, Sunday Service

The Living Water that Divides

The Living Water that Divides

John 7:10-20,31,37-38,40-47

Pastor Daniel Gan

18 Feb 2024

00:00 / 36:18

Summary, Bible Passages & Outline

This sermon discusses the problem of Jesus' claims of divinity and how it divides people. Two theories about Jesus from the verses are put forth - that he is just a good man or that he is a deceiver or crazy. Both theories are refuted if we look at the extreme claims Jesus made about Himself and the impact of His teachings throughout history. This sermon emphasizes the need for individuals to fully commit to Jesus and let their knowledge of God be shaped by His word, rather than the influence of the world. The sermon concludes by urging us to choose to align ourselves with Jesus or distance ourselves from Him, as it is an all-or-nothing decision. His word is the living water that divides.

Bible Passages:
Responsive Readings: John 7:10-20,31,37-38,40-47

Why is it that what Jesus said or did impact us? Jesus' claim to be God, divided people.

The following divisive beliefs in people came about with Jesus' claim.
v.5: Don’t believe Jesus is Messiah
v.11-12: Believe Jesus is a good man or deceiver.
v.20: Think Jesus was possessed or mad.
v.26, 31, 41: Believe Jesus is Messiah.
v.40: Called Jesus the Prophet.
v.47: Called Jesus a deceiver.

Jesus was constantly assuming this incredible and radical position that He is Christ, that He is God. And Jesus was also constantly making the most radical demands for allegiance. Jesus is more than just a great leader. He’s more than just a good person.

In the Bible, you will see:
• Jesus is tender without being weak (Matt 11:28-30, Isaiah 42:3).
• He’s strong without being harsh (2 Cor 13:4, Psalm 46:1).
• He’s humble with no lack of confidence (Philip 2:5-8).
• He is holy and yet approachable (Heb 4:15-16, John 1:14).
• He is courageous and yet gentle and sensitive (Matt 21:12-13).

Meditate on the truth. Allow God's Word to rest on top of your heart.

Two takeaways from our relationship with God:
(1) All or nothing => Jesus demands absolute re-orientation of your life and total obedience.
(2) Shaped by the Word, Hosea 4:1,6 => Your love for Jesus is connected to your knowledge of Him.

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