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John, Sunday Service

The Temple Cleansed

The Temple Cleansed

John 2:13-25

Eld. Max Tsang

10 Sept 2023

00:00 / 41:52

Questions for Reflection:

(1) John 2:13 – 17 (Jesus’ cleansing of the temple):
Was it the first time Jesus was at the temple? When did this cleansing incident happen?
What did Jesus see when he arrived? What was his reaction? Is that the last time he saw this?

(2) John 2: 18-22 (The confrontation):
What do you think was behind the religious leaders’ 1st question?
What was Jesus’ response? What does it tell you?
What was the religious leaders’ reply? What does it tell you?

(3) John 2:23-25 (John’s ending note):
What followed that temple cleansing incident? What stands out for you in these last verses?

(4) Reflection:
What is the spiritual connection between the cleansing of the temple, Jesus’ allusion of His body as the temple and other bible verses that you are the temple of the Holy Spirit?
How must you respond?

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