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Sunday Service, Palm Sunday, Good Friday Service

Who is Jesus, Really?

Who is Jesus, Really?

John 12:12-19

Rev. Joseph Tee

29 Mar 2024

00:00 / 40:50

Sermon Title: Who is Jesus, Really?

Sermon Text: John 12:12-19

Big Idea: We are to worship Jesus, and not a Jesus of our own making (who is the suffering Saviour who chose the cross ), because this is the path that God promised throughout the scriptures.

Sermon Outline:
I. What Did the Jews Expect from Jesus? (vv. 12-18)

II. What Did the Pharisees Expect of Jesus? (v. 19)

III. What Do You Expect from Jesus? (vv. 23-26)

Reflection Question/Challenge Statement:
What do you expect from Jesus? How does it differ from what Jesus says about Himself?

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